Seventh Report – “Institutional Investors in Italy: membership, resources and managers in 2019”

The Report about “Institutional Investors in Italy”, now in its seventh edition and drawn up on an annual basis by the Itinerari Previdenziali Study and Research Center, offers an in-depth overview of the wide universe of Italian Institutional Investors, and in particular on Occupational and Pre-existing Pension Funds, Privatised Funds for Liberal Professionals, Banking Foundations, forms of Supplementary Healthcare Schemes and Insurance Companies.

Adopting a mainly quantitative approach, the Report illustrates the features and activities of the major operators in the country, examining their number, active and retired members (regarding Pension Funds and Privatised Funds for Liberal Professionals), size, composition and asset diversification; for the same purpose, the survey also catalogs the management entities to which these investors entrust their assets, both directly (through management mandates) and indirectly (through the purchase of investment funds). From the survey, carried out starting from the official financial statements and the information notes of the examined funds, a series of rankings are then drawn up - by members, asset sizes and managers based on the AUM - thus allowing to inform and make comparisons and analysis in a simple and immediate manner, which is not possible using only the aggregates.

Lastly, following the focus on sustainability strategies introduced by the sixth edition, the Report analyses the integration of ESG criteria into the portfolio of the main Italian Institutional Investors, with the intent to provide an overview of the current choices and future prospects in terms of sustainable and responsible investments by Occupational and Pre-existing Pension Funds, Schemes and Banking Foundations. 

This report has been published in Italian and English thanks to: 

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